We are a IT solution provider company that accelerates business growth for its clients. We believe in delivering staffing solutions and engineering software products that have a true purpose. And we know that you need a partner that doesn’t just plan, but one who can get it done. At Savera, we think big and solve small.

Savera is a global leader in providing IT solutions, software applications development/support & consulting and staffing solutions expertise in all business verticals like Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Banking, Information Technology, Finance etc. We also have expertise in the areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance and have helped companies worldwide to identify, measure, and manage the operational and technology-related risks they face within their industries and throughout their systems and processes.

Savera team has developed industry leading methodologies and practices, to effectively deliver enterprise controls and compliance management by leveraging GRC products available in the industry. Our suite of services is designed to provide companies with the accurate information and business intelligence required in this new era of corporate responsibility.

Savera is committed to providing customers with the best technical, functional, and real world IT skills possible through our talented and experienced team.

We pride ourselves on our best in field knowledge and experience, which we are able to pass on to our customers to ensure their long term success. We transform knowledge into real-world solutions that are functional and integrated within your organization, today and in the future. We call it sustainable change.