Software Solutions


Whether you have an idea you want to validate, a software product or solution you need to build, or an existing product or solution that needs optimization, our teams are trained to jump in wherever needed. Read more about our capabilities and what we do to help companies build software products & solutions with impact.

We build software products that drive revenue. And we understand driving revenue requires aligning technology needs to business outcomes. We have extensive experience in developing winning processes for optimal performance.

Web Application Development

Savera web app developers will morph your great ideas into workable web solutions. With top-talent web application development skills on board, our company will craft compelling web apps and jump-start your business. Our extensive experience specifically in the AWS development and deployments can act as a great asset for your company.

Identity & Access Management connectors and connector framework for the cloud deployments

We are uniquely positioned in helping companies in the Identity & Access Management space with our deep expertise, low cost, fast turn around time in building IDM connectors and connector framework for both the IDM cloud & on premise deployments. Both the speed and the low cost at which we can build the connectors differentiates us from others.

Mobile Application Development

If you are in search of a mobile app development supplier, Savera is your perfect match! Our app development division is a savvy iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android developer that will help you get on the mobile bandwagon.

Offshore Dedicated Development Center

Whether your business requires expanding the development team to build new products & solutions or you require an ongoing qualified support of tech specialists to sustain your business continuity, you need to quickly scale up your team or simply there is a long-term project without fully stabilized requirements, but you lack tech talent to follow you plans, Offshore Development Team Model is one of the options to build an efficient process. Savera will help you extend your team with our remote tech talent center.